First stage – Awesome children tales (ACT)

The application for Comenius project entitled First stage – Awesome children tales (ACT), was filed in February 2013 and was positively evaluated by ANFPCDEFP, winning score needed to receive funding.

“A.C.T.” main goal is to make pupils and teachers familiar with the cultural thesaurus and the European values by using theatre as a complimentary, alternative teaching tool. Pupils will be engaged in a variety of complex information exchange by sharing each other’s childhood fairy tales, creating together brand new tales, imitating movements, sounds and fairy tales characters, play acting, dramatizations with simple plots, creating simple puppets or puppet presentations, role playing or putting their tales into stage.

The general objectives of the project are:

• to share methods and good practices, including alternative and complementary methods(such as theatre, music, visual arts, civics, ethics), used by each partner in order to enrich the curricula and improve the quality of the teaching activity;

• to develop awareness among pupils, staff and local community about the cultural diversity and similarities of the participating countries within the framework of European values.

Regarding the distribution of tasks between participating institutions, Romania, as a coordinator will manage, coordinate, monitor and evaluate all the activities developed within the project, keep in contact with all the partner schools and fully participate to the design and realization of the final products and dissemination of the project activities and products. Also:

● ROMANIA (Gymnazium Special School ” Constantin Paunescu”) will create the website and will keep it updated regularly.

● SPAIN – elaborates questionnaires that will be applied to pupils and parents  from all partner schools

● ROMANIA – will elaborate a report by the end of the first year where all the developed activities will be described

● PORTUGAL – will print the “A.C.T. ” booklet after collecting from each partner schools (pupils will create a new story- European story, using traditional elements  from partners’ countries)

● POLAND – collects information about the project from all partner schools, creates and prints the “A.C.T.” brochure

● CYPRUS– collects photos, videos of the dramatizations of the stories and  records a final DVD that will be given to all partners during the final meeting

● TURKEY – will make a  final report regarding pupils’ interest after each story and the project’s impact among pupils and parents analysing questionnaires and focus groups from all countries

● ROMANIA– elaborates the final report of the project.

Talking about how to assess the project, each of the impact points will be evaluated/assessed at the beginning of the project and throughout its evolution, with a final evaluation/assessment upon project closure.

The dissemination will be achieved at a national level to the schools we are already in partnership with other projects, to the institutions which are in charge of long-lasting development and education and to the authorities in this field.

Parents will be informed about the project activities and results through leaflets, posters, articles in school magazines or web sites, during opening and closing ceremonies, parent meetings and Open Days. The project will be displayed in the school hall and children’s work will be presented in public places, too. The videos, photos and joint stories will be exhibited in front of the local community and recorded on DVDs to partners.

Mai multe informații  puteți găsi pe site-ul proiectului